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The scare of 911 still graved in the memory of Stupid Americans, they tried to steal their freedom and sheeet…
Conspiracy theories floating in the atmosphere, making the fat arrogants feel a little good about their perverted ego, and making the masses seem even more dumb than they are for being slaughtered by their own government and they are unable to do shit about it….other than speculating about OBL, watching football and suckinTg each other’s cock…in the Pure American tradition. While bragging on how great is America and to be American, while they are the joke of the world, and too dumb and brainwashed to realize it. 

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Homeland Security Color Based Advisory System…Revised



Desormais, the real treat is coming from withing the various demographic composition of the American nation, the History of the different colors composing the American infrastructure is far from forgetten and the bitterness is stored somewhere deep inside the soul, Blacks will never forget 400 years of slavery, and now they exist like parasites feeding on public assistance and considered an worthless social class and often stereotypes as 3rd class citizens, known as been the lowest of all races in America.

 Hispanics or Browns as descendants of Native Americans, still have the scare of the genocide, rape, and forced relocation of their ancestors and now they live as second class citizens and are considered illegals in what was their land once.

These 2 components-colors- of the American society are at the  base of the demographic shift in the American population and even though Negros are worthless parasites living on welfare and show-biz and inhabiting jails and ghetto area, and Hispanics are stupid and naive in their overall attitude, their demographic weight will be used by another entity which got no color -Divers-present in the American racial composition, it’s the Zionist occupied government, as an evil entity with an agenda of world domination by dumbing down the masses, and using them like the stupid brainwashed American that they are, they go blind in using all the human resources present on the the American territory, causing an mass retardation of the American population so they be easy to manipulate and control.

The overall situation of the American people just prove this  remark, diversity as a way into mass control been used, the racial structure of the American population is melting and diluting into an new specie of dumbed down creatures easily manipulated and controlled.  The use of Negros and Hispanic to melt down the racial purity and use the old trick of divide to rule is the ultimate weapon of destroying the racial identity of the American population, Hispanics alone predicted to be a majority among minorities by 2016, and Negros cross breed right and left, consensual or forced spreading the evil seeds serving the agenda of the Zionist occupied government and the middle white class is collapsing into poverty.

The recent reelection of Obama, just present an scenario  about the trend the destiny of America is taking, desormais America is taken over by the minorities, complimentary of the Zionist regime aiming to destroy America the way it was and built an new dumbed down nation, to be used and controlled for its agenda, the real treat destroying America is coming from within its own colors or racial groups, Blacks are lowering all the standards that America had before the 70’s and they are succeeding in destroying all human values and decency, making America an example of perversion and lower morals. Hispanics  insuring  their silent Brown invasion using all the means possible; the loophole in the constitution granting the citizenship to anchor babies born to illegal immigrants, as ironic as it is, nobody dare to contest it and everybody is brainwashed by the Zionist government to look the other way, to worry about treats from overseas from 3rd world countries or a single man armed with an AK47, living in constant fear from delusional treats, and it works just well, the stupid masses are debating about the terrorists from overseas trying to steal their freedoms and democracies (…) and they turn to the ZOG dumbing their ass down to protect them by issuing colors of their degree of security like a referee in a soccer game.

Hispanics, Brown silent invasion play it’s role in   insuring an more diversified population dumbed down and easy to control, Hispanics demographic weight and their tendency to identify themselves as a new Brown color or racial group often in dislike of the conquistador white descendants, shift the overall demographic composition into a tendency to form a new  large demographic composition competing the white a priori majority.

Another part, or color is the consequence of these two factor, Blacks and Brown, their long term effect along with the efforts of the Zionist government, created an class of self-destructive Whites, dumbed down as well by the Zionist controlled media and totally brainwashed, making them a new specie in the 21st century or the average Americans as we know them today, this class even though White Americans, is as destructive as Blacks and Browns, the formation of this genetic mutation in the White population, started somewhere around the 70 and its maturing into the dumb retarded American composing the masses as we know today, their danger is coming  from their overall nature as the typical American, known as extremely stupid, passive brain-dead and too brainwashed to realize it, their danger is that they compose the stupid masses used by the Zionist government and not even aware of it.

Another class social or color is to be considered-Yellow-, Chinese or Asian in general, even though Asian American represent the model successful immigrant, they assimilate, and often are productive members in the society, the massive vague of immigrants from Asia,  often associating themselves with other immigrants and minorities i.e. the Blacks and Browns,  makes a shift in favor of these two dangerous racial groups or colors, an instinct of common and shared situation and future as immigrant, often guide them and makes them taking the side of Negros and Hispanics, even though they represent different characteristic and they contribute in a positive and different way.

So as a conclusion the real treat to the Homeland security is coming from the American racial structure and colors based population, the new revised Color based advisory system should look like this.

That was a raw, spontaneous, modest presentation of the overall scenario, for a deep analysis visit: 

The article cited above neglects the role of the Zionist occupied government in diluting the racial identity by advocating diversity, and by all the laws and loopholes in the law making it possible for the silent invasion  to succeed. But it presents interesting overview and analysis of the long term effect of the demographic occupation.

By M. TaMere
TaMere Network
Founder and President.

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